Protective Tape Series :

Protection Film for all your painted or plain profiles, smooth or textured surfaces
Comes in various sizes and thicknesses
Can be customized with your company logo

This film with High UV Protection
Developed especially for temporary glass protection against dirt and debris

This film is tailored to provide protection for screen bars

Other Tape:

Masking Tape for all your painting and finishing needs

High performance PE glazing tape for all windows and doors applications
AAMA Tested and Approved

Conformable double-coated pressure sensitive acrylic foam tape
An excellent adhesion to a broad range of substrates

Sill Protective Cover:

Protect sills against scratches and impacts during construction
After construction, simply pull the protector for a clean and residue free sill

Door Slab Protection:

Protects painted and finished Door Slabs against scratches and accidental impacts during fabrication and shipping
Versatile & fits over many door slabs